Fundraising Program

Tired of selling magazines, wrapping paper, or chocolate covered almonds? Want to try something new? Sell healthy gourmet coffee and tea!

The mission of the OrGano Gold Fundraising Program is to become the most powerful way to generate funds for teams, groups, non-profit organizations and educational causes. With 50% profit on your sales, OrGano Gold can help you to quickly and easily meet your financial goals!

How much are the start-up costs to have a healthy coffee fundraiser?

ZERO — this is truly a risk free fundraising program.

If you are a team, school organization, or other nonprofit group looking to raise funds, please send me an email for more information or download the OrGano Gold Fundraising Program to learn more.

Ready to get started? Download the Canadian NonProfit Free Sign Up Form.  Please contact me prior to faxing it. You will need some information from me to ensure that it is processed correctly.

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